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KR-20130009573-A: Organic el display apparatus, image display system and image display method patent, KR-20140057403-A: 반도체 장치 및 그 제작 방법 patent, KR-20140104970-A: Non-alcoholic beer having high proportion of monosaccharides and disaccharides patent, KR-20160003416-A: 입체 전란각을 갖는 부화기 patent, KR-20160004699-A: 화물 적재 선박 patent, KR-20160014323-A: Metal Mad Lacquerware having Mother-of-Pearl and Manufacturing Method Thereof patent, KR-20160060375-A: Film for lead tab of secondary battery and secondary battery comprising the same patent, KR-20160066155-A: 기계 자수기의 자수사 단사 감지장치 patent, KR-20160076914-A: 바이오메탄 정제 시스템 patent, KR-20160146156-A: Sediment of red beans using the Chunseolcha and preparing method thereof patent, KR-20160147961-A: Endless handrail manufacturing method, endless handrail and escalator patent, KR-20170027235-A: Pc기둥에 설치된 임시브래킷을 활용한 pc기둥 및 pc보의 강접합 결합구조, 이를 이용한 모듈러 시스템 patent, NL-9202263-A: Ontwikkelende afbeelding. patent, NL-9402227-A: Verrijdbare afvalcontainer. patent, NL-1039891-C: Werkwijze voor het configureren van lichtbronnen in een ruimte. patent, NL-2004709-C: System and method for communicating information to a public. patent, NL-2010511-C: Marine pipeline installation vessel and method. patent, JP-H0311128-U: patent, JP-H04120324-U: patent, JP-H0438370-U: patent, JP-H061225-U: 商品崩れ防止箱 patent, JP-S5033426-U: patent, JP-S57143593-U: patent, JP-S5842344-U: patent, JP-S5893103-U: patent, JP-S60193034-U: patent, JP-S6110357-U: patent, JP-S62198552-U: patent, JP-S6250473-U: patent, JP-S63198813-U: patent, JP-S6340897-U: patent, JP-WO2008066103-A1: 基板の処理装置 patent, JP-WO2010070832-A1: 複合酸化物焼結体及びそれからなるスパッタリングターゲット patent, JP-WO2011125248-A1: ジェット噴流ノズル及びジェットエンジン patent, JP-WO2014017511-A1: 流体微粒化装置及び流体微粒化方法 patent, JP-WO2014030189-A1: 圧縮プログラム、圧縮方法、圧縮装置、伸張プログラム、伸張方法、伸張装置およびデータ転送システム patent, JP-WO2014069669-A1: アルキル化ジフェニルエーテル化合物および該化合物を含む潤滑油剤 patent, JP-WO2014167780-A1: 分電盤、分電盤システム、自立分電盤 patent, JP-WO2014178289-A1: 銅露出基板の洗浄方法および洗浄システム patent, JP-WO2015008355-A1: 採血管自動準備装置 patent, JP-WO2016204089-A1: 可塑性油脂組成物 patent, US-2001014862-A1: Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, and program storage medium patent, US-2001019706-A1: Method for polymerization of olefin patent, US-2001028523-A1: Data storage device and method for controlling the device patent, US-2001042130-A1: Method and apparatus for depth expansion of a longest prefix match lookup table patent, US-2002014421-A1: Storage container for recorded media patent, US-2002101556-A1: Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2002143844-A1: Computer system with two operating systems patent, US-2003001815-A1: Method and apparatus for enabling power management of a flat panel display patent, US-2003002184-A1: Digital signal modulation method, digital signal modulation apparatus, encoding method, encoding apparatus, storage medium, transmission apparatus and program patent, US-2003002674-A1: Quantum cryptography multi-node network system patent, US-2003012446-A1: Robust codebooks for vector quantization patent, US-2003012882-A1: Adhesive polyimide resin and adhesive laminate patent, US-2003016239-A1: Method and apparatus for providing a graphical depiction of events patent, US-2003025368-A1: Controllably rotatable seat patent, US-2003029450-A1: Demand flow control valve patent, US-2003041571-A1: Device for enveloping inserts in an envelope patent, US-2003042094-A1: Handle of trunk patent, US-2003077490-A1: Method and apparatus for vaporizing fuel for a reformer fuel cell system patent, US-2003078250-A1: Il-8 receptor antagonists patent, US-2003080247-A1: Variable load assist mechanism for an overhead bin patent, US-2003091725-A1: Method for treating particulate material with a coating medium and an apparatus for carrying out the method patent, US-2003097258-A1: Low complexity random codebook structure patent, US-2003104142-A1: Vacuum arc vapor deposition process and apparatus patent, US-2003105763-A1: System, method, and computer program product for providing a wholesale provisioning service patent, US-2003106043-A1: Dynamic class interposition patent, US-2003108452-A1: Method and device for withdrawing suspended microparticles from a fluidic microsystem patent, US-2003114827-A1: Absorbent garment with dual containment flaps patent, US-2003118688-A1: Injection nozzle for plastic injection moulding equipment patent, US-2003147337-A1: Clamp device for optical disc patent, US-2003157388-A1: Ionic conductor, process for production thereof, and electrochemical device patent, US-2003172645-A1: Method and model for modeling a discharge phase of a nitrous oxide storage catalytic converter patent, US-2003184581-A1: Application level integration in support of a distributed network management and service provisioning solution patent, JP-4431186-B1: 疑似餌 patent, JP-5315449-B1: 復号装置、復号方法、プログラム及び受信装置 patent, JP-5532147-B1: 半導体装置及びその製造方法 patent, JP-5629394-B1: 充電装置 patent, JP-5681315-B1: 擬似ウナギ加工食品 patent, JP-5732578-B1: プログラム、ゲームの制御方法、及びサーバ装置 patent, JP-5822036-B1: 平版印刷インキ組成物 patent, JP-5897187-B1: 組合せ装飾体および組合せ装飾体の製造方法 patent, JP-5910782-B1: 透明導電膜を有する積層体および積層体の製造方法 patent, JP-5995212-B1: 物理量センサ patent, JP-6074523-B1: 吸収性物品の伸縮構造 patent, JP-6125057-B1: 充電電力の融通方法および電子機器 patent, JP-6167243-B1: 電気二重層キャパシタ patent, JP-6184634-B1: 情報処理装置、ゲームプログラム、及び、情報処理方法 patent, JP-6205541-B1: ぬか漬の水取器 patent, KR-100600371-B1: Method for fabricating light emitting device patent, KR-100621379-B1: A Connectingrod For Hermatic Compressor patent, KR-100643304-B1: Apparatus and method for correcting inertia measurement unit and recording medium for recording the method patent, KR-100656295-B1: 선택적 양극 산화된 금속을 이용한 패키지 및 그 제작방법 patent, KR-100663297-B1: Light guide plate of back light unit patent, KR-100667953-B1: 개질기 및 이를 포함하는 연료 전지 시스템 patent, KR-100696738-B1: 나무도장의 뚜껑 결합구조 patent, KR-100715483-B1: Voltage controlled oscillator patent, KR-100716772-B1: Image processing apparatus and control method thereof patent, KR-100732369-B1: Decorated material of product and manufacturing method thereof patent, KR-100738242-B1: Method and apparatus for a calibrated frequency modulation phase locked loop patent, KR-100754649-B1: Bridge-based radio access station backbone network system and signalling method thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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